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The GSSA Professional Programmes Committee in collaboration with John Bistrow and Mike de Wit

& Trade Show

Thursday 11th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th September 2014

Mittah Seperepere Convention Centre, The Big Hole, Kimberley, Northern Cape


The GSSA DPP Diamond and Kimberlite symposium & Trade Show will take place in Kimberley, South Africa in September 2014, and will follow in the footsteps of the highly successful ‘Diamonds in Kimberley Symposium' held in Kimberley in August 2007.

The Kimberley Diamond Symposium is being help back-to-back with the international Mineralogical Association Conference (IMA) which is taking place the previous week (1-5 September 2014) in Johannesburg. This will allow participants of the IMA to also attend the Kimberley Diamond Symposium, and participate in the fieldtrips to historical diamond sites and unique mantle mineralogical sampling opportunities on the Kimberley and other famous kimberlite mine dumps e.g. Roberts Victor.

Following the challenging years brought about by the International Financial Crisis, the local and international diamond industry is steadily redressing itself. Diamond mining continues to be active in the Northern Cape and adjacent areas and large diamonds of exceptional quality are regularly recovered from alluvial deposits associated with the Vaal, Orange, and Riet River drainages. Reprocessing the old tailings dumps in and around Kimberley has opened a new phase of exploration in this historic area, and on-going technological advances are helping to sustain an industry which has been active since the 1860's.


This symposium will focus on the diamond exploration and mining, including alluvial diamonds, in the Kimberley region and elsewhere in Southern Africa, as well as new developments in Canada, India, Africa, and other parts of the world.

New technological developments related to exploration, mining, and processing and recovery will be addressed. The activities of Junior, mid-tier and senior diamond explorers and miners will be covered, as will the state of play of the international diamond business.

Recent scientific developments in the study of diamond bearing carrier rocks such as kimberlites, and the mantle (the source and repository of diamonds) will be presented.


The history of the Northern Cape Diamond Fields and the characters that helped shape this fascinating business will also be a subject of discussion at the symposium. Some of the pioneers of the diamond industry, and in particular the larger than life private operators or 'Diggers' will attend the symposium and share their exploits in this fascinating and unique business.


Should you wish to present at the Symposium you are requested to send a short abstract to events@rca.co.za for consideration by the organisers.


The famous Kimberley Mine Museum has been substantially upgraded and offers a world class facility housing an amazing collection of diamonds, a remarkable snapshot of the history and development of the Kimberley and Northern Cape diamond fields, insight into the mantle below Kimberley, and spectacular panoramas of world and South African history.


Field trips will be organized to kimberlite pipes and fissure mines, alluvial diamond deposits, old tailings dumps famous for yielding spectacular mantle samples such as peridotites and ecologites, and historical places of interest in and around Kimberley in the Northern Cape Province and parts of the Free State Province.


Full details will follow but if you are interested at exhibiting at the trade show or sponsoring some aspect of the symposium please contact Michelle at events@rca.co.za
or call +27 11 483 1861/2 to indicate your interest.


For more information on the show please contact Michelle at events@rca.co.za, John Bristrow jwbdia@mweb.co.za or Mike De Wit mdewit@icon.co.za