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The PT-1000 blood gas analyser from Easydiagnosis offers a compact unit with a convenient handle for easy transfer between various units as well as a built-in battery with 4 hours back-up.  Easy operation (touch screen, simple 4-step process) and an all in one cartridge ensures high efficiency.

All-in-one Cartridge:

  • No fluidics in instrument, maintenance free
  • Self-contained calibration, cleaning solution and biohazard waste collection pack
  • Optimized cartridge design minimizes clot formation

Easy Operation:

  • Touch-screen with intuitive prompts
  • Simple 4-step process, easy to use
  • Supports HL7 protocol for LIS/HIS

High Efficiency:

  • Revolutionary microsensor technology, 33 parameters in only 60 seconds
  • Automatic calibration and continuous system performance monitoring
  • Built in printer, print results automatically after detection

Ultimate Flexibility:

  • Compact size for various units (ICU, ED, OR, etc.)
  • Convenient handle, easy to carry
  • Built-in battery, 4 hours back-up

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