Solo Nebuliser

Product Description

Aerogen is a high performance vibrating mesh drug delivery device that can cross multiple modalities for ventilated and non-ventilated patients. By delivering more aerosol than any other device, Aerogen can improve patient outcomes at any phase of the patient’s care.

  • Refill medication without breaking the circuit
  • Can be used with all medications for inhalation
  • No heating or degradation of medication
  • Minimal residual volume (<0.1ml for 3ml dose)
  • High speed of delivery
  • Does not affect ventilator parameters
  • Suitable for solutions, suspensions, proteins & peptides
  • Can be placed at the wye
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5 Galindo-Filho VC, Ramos ME, Rattes CS, Barbosa AK, Brandao DC, Brandao SC, Fink JB and de Andrade AD. Radioaerosol Pulmonary Deposition Using Mesh and Jet Nebulizers During Noninvasive Ventilation in Healthy Subjects. Respiratory care.

6 McPeck M. Improved Aerosol Drug Delivery with an Electronic Mesh Nebulizer during Non-invasive Ventilation AARC poster. 2012

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