Product Description

The Dual Incu i combines the advanced features and high quality of the Atom Incu i Incubator line with the superior performance and patient access of an infant warmer to quickly and quietly transition the type of care provided to the patient.

The compact, ergonomic design further enhances the flexibility to utilize the Dual Incu i in almost any care setting.

1. For Babies:

  • Air curtain of access port – Air curtain to minimize a drop in the incubator air temperature.
  • Double lock system – The double lock system prevents opening admittance panels even if users forget to lock these panels.
  • X-Ray cassette tray port – The X-Ray cassette can be drawn out from either side of the incubator without opening the admittance panel.
  • Mattress platform tilting function – The mattress platform can be tilted without opening the admittance panel.

2. For Caregivers:

  • Make the utmost use of workspace around the incubator – Peripheral equipment can be easily mounted to F-rail pole.
  • Sanitary structure for thorough cleaning of the unit – The component parts of the incubator can be detached and cleaned.

3. Developmental Care

  • Rotary damper – Rotary damper enables quiet operation of the admittance panels so that these can be dropped down slowly and silently.
  • Snap-open access ports – Snap-open access ports can be opened and closed silently.

4. Infant Warmer Mode

  • Heating – The mattress is warmed and enables stable thermal management.
  • Electrical canopy lift – When the canopy is moved up or down in order to change the operation mode, the operator can stop the up/ down movement at any time.

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