Mindray™ CMS II (Central Monitoring System)

Product Description

The Mindray Central Monitoring System (CMS) is a scalable solution that stores and distributes patient data from your Electronic Patient Records (EPR) and networked medical devices to a range of display solutions, providing continuous clinical surveillance for enhanced patient safety.

  • Provides continuous real-time access and surveillance to patient monitoring data
  • Displays patient information from third-party devices connected via the BeneLink module
  • Safe and secure central data store with complex encryption strategies to protect against cybersecurity threats
  • Robust and resilient redundancy measures through high-availability server clustering
  • 48-hour backfilling mechanism guarantees no loss of patient data
  • One CMS server supports up to 32 workstations, up to 128 monitoring devices and 2000 VS9 vital signs monitors
  • Provides 240 hours of full disclosure waveforms and trend data
  • An entirely scalable solution with a variety of configurable functions and display setups
  • Workstations allow users to view, edit and interact with networked patient monitors
  • With CMS Viewer, clinicians can remotely access patient data from any PC or laptop
  • Real-time patient data can be viewed on a smartphone (iOS or Android) with the CMS Mobile app
  • Intuitive interface with customisable smart keys for high use functions
  • Patient data from networked monitors and devices connected via BeneLink are safely transmitted to third-party EPR systems using Mindray’s eGateway

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