DC-40 Crystal

Product Description

Mindray™ DC-40 is a diagnostic ultrasound system with Single crystal technology. As an innovator, who keeps on providing the progressive solution to envision your improving mind, Mindray introduces the DC-40 Crystal to you with Pure Crystal Experience.

  • Single Crystal – Better penetration, Better Resolution & More versatile application.
  • iLive™ – Integrating a ray-casting algorithm with a new virtual lighting modality, iLive generates an amazingly realistic view of the fetus with human skin-like images.
  • Smart OB™ – Smart OB provides accurate auto measurements for most frequently examined fetal parameters including BPD, OFD, HC, AC and FL
  • Smart FLC™ – Smart FLC is a tool to automatically detect the number of follicles and calculate the of each follicle. It also provides a report with color marks for study
  • Smart Face™ – Smart Face provides fast and intelligent optimisation for fetal face with one-touch operation. It immediately removes occlusions and eliminates noise information, generating an optimal view of the fetal face with more simplicity

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