Wato EX 35 New

Product Description

The intuitive 10.4” full colour touchscreen, enables anaesthetists to easily adjust ventilation modes and monitor settings with greater speed and precision.

The Smart Alarm system quickly and clearly notifies the user of adverse situations with real–time, detailed information ensuring any required interventions can be delivered without delay.

Employing the latest technologies the new WATO EX-35 supports an extensive range of features and functionality, ensuring all anesthetic procedures are delivered safely, efficiently and effectively.

The new EX-35 is designed with the user in mind. It has been developed to make your life easier. A feature rich, ergonomically designed anaesthesia system that can be positioned with ease and used for prolonged periods without experiencing unnecessary stress or fatigue.

  • Extensive range of ventilation modes including VCV, PCV, PS, SIMV-VC, SIMV-PC
  • Manual/spontaneous breathing mode with respiratory monitoring capability
  • Automatic compliance and fresh gas compensation maintain accurate tidal volumes with a wide range of fresh gas flows and breathing circuits
  • The integrated heated breathing system maintains a constant system (or core) temperature, virtually eliminating internal condensate build-up
  • Economical single container absorber reduces compressible dead space volume and is compatible with either non-proprietary pre-packaged and loose fill solutions
  • 10.4″ full colour touchscreen with easy-to-use menu structure
  • Dual intensity LED lighting illuminates writing desk and key features
  • 360-degree rotational castors with individual brakes
  • HL7 output allows interoperable connectivity with all leading clinical information systems
  • Compatible with an extensive range of Mindray and third-party monitors and accessories
  • Drive Gas Auto switch (optional)
  • Patient suction (optional)
  • Integrated module slot for auxiliary monitoring modules (optional)

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