Wato EX 65 Pro

Product Description

Combined with state-of-the-art technology, WATO EX-65 Pro provides comprehensive patient safety guarantee, advanced ventilation solution, and unprecedented ergonomic design for clinical use.

The WATO EX-65 Pro Series of anesthesia machines are suitable for general anesthesia in a wide range of operating theatre patients from infants to adults With stable function, advanced safety design, reliable performance, and user-friendly interface The WATO gives clinical users basic monitoring measurements on a colorful LCD screen with up to 3 waveforms with colored electronic flowmeter, including Paw, TVe, MV, Ppeak, and Pmean, with graphs of pressure and flow at the same time.

Besides basic ventilation modes, WATO also offers advanced modes such as SIMV, PSV, and PCV-VG applicable to the spontaneous breathing of patients. The powerful data review supports 24-hour trends for alarm events. Besides the integrated monitoring parameters, WATO also provides modular monitoring covering EtCO2, AG, and BIS.

  • Advanced patient monitor technology
  • Up to 7 ventilation mode including PCV-VG
  • Compact design which suitable for low-flow anesthesia
  • Heated breathing system
  • Modular design
  • Electronic gas flowmeter
  • CO2 canister bypass function
  • 12/10 inches TFT touch screen

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