Natus® neoBLUE Compact

Product Description

The neoBLUE compact LED Phototherapy System provides intensive blue light in a versatile & efficient design for treating newborn jaundice. The device can be used in variable configurations:

  • Use independently by placing on top of an incubator
  • Combine with the arm for attaching to a pole mount accessory for most incubators and radiant warmers
  • Attach the light and arm to a roll stand to use for infants in bassinets, open beds, infant warmers or incubators
  • Suction Cup feet secure on top of flat / curved incubator tops
  • Meets AAP Guidelines for Intensive Phototherapy with regards to Intensity, Spectrum and Surface Area Coverage.
  • Smart Arm Design: Arm rotating joints and gooseneck provides multiple adjustments.
  • Includes a brilliant white exam light (neutral white light) which is ideal for general examination.
  • Colour balanced with clinicians and family in mind.
  • Two intensity settings to accommodate different treatment needs and environments.
  • Device includes treatment timer to track the total number of treatment hours per patient as well as overall usage of the neoBLUE LEDs.






Biliband eye protector, head circumference Regular 30 - 38 cm (20 units/pk)



Biliband eye protector, head circumference Premature 24 - 33 cm (20 units/pk)



Biliband eye protector, head circumference Micro 20 - 28 cm (20 units/pk)

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