NuvoAir™ SleepHome Spirometry – AirNext® HomeStyle Auto CPAP

Product Description

Remote Patient Monitoring by NuvoAir®

NuvoAir Home is a platform designed to manage patients’ respiratory health in the comfort of their home while allowing physicians to optimize their clinical decisions.

  • Maximise patients’ freedom by monitoring many aspects of their respiratory health at home.
  • Enable greater patient self-management and remotely gain holistic insights into the patient’s condition.
  • Assess disease control and medication effectiveness. Respiratory Patient at Home Comprehensive set of clinically relevant data such as: FVC, FEV1, MEF. Symptoms. Activity. Medication Diary. Weight change. Platform feedback to patient…
  • Spirometry Motivator & Coach to ensure high grade reproducible results.
  • Disease specific questionnaires.
  • Intelligent insights based on the disease.
  • Treatment Plan.
  • Clinician Portal Web-based portal to access patients quantitative and subjective data.
  • Observe longitudinal change in all key parameters.
  • Track change since therapy initiated/changed.
  • Utilise insights to optimise therapy.
  • Manage patients with video consultation.

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