Product Description

BELLAVISTA NEO® is designed to have the highest precision in volume and pressure control for your smallest and most sensitive patients. Engineered to support neonates with extremely low birth weights, it delivers tidal volume as low as 2 ml.

The innovative features on the bellavista neo include:

  • Proximal Flow Sensor technology for sensitive and precise triggering
  • Target Vent
  • NIV mask mode
  • nCPAP und NIPPV (pressure or flow-based ventilation)
  • High Flow Oxygen Therapy with flows up to 60 L/min
  • Setting Assist
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Mood buttons
  • Dual Vent
  • Large 13.3” color capacitive touch-screen
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Precise tidal volume delivery from 2 ml tidal volume
  • nCPAP – Pressure or flow based operation
  • High frequency nIPPV – up to 200 breaths/min
  • Burst Backup provides more safety in nCPAP mode
  • Configurable FiO2 delivery – Elevates FiO2 and duration for Oxygen Flush
  • Compact and light high-end neonatal ventilator
  • Internal batteries ensure uninterrupted operation for a minimum of 4 hours

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