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High Flow

Product Description

The versatile 3800™ MicroBlender features delivery of accurate FiO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of 2-120 LPM, making it ideal for use with ventilators while providing flows to a flowmeter or Blender Buddy. It can also be used as a stand-alone device for mask CPAP, nasal cannula and resuscitation bags.

The versatile MicroBlender High Flow features delivery of accurate FIO2 mixtures from two outlet ports and has an overall flow range of 2 to 120 LPM. It is the ideal product when high demands of blended gas are required.

  • Accurately delivers FiO2 mixtures
  • High Flow range of 2-120 lpm
  • Low Flow range of 3-30 lpm (0-30 w/bleed)
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For more information regarding hose accessory uses, please see brochure.

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