FABIAN +nCPAP evolution

Product Description

Putting the focus back on the baby: the Fabian +nCPAP evolution is designed from a user’s point of view, minimizing the time needed to manage ventilator controls. Particularly silent, optimized handling of the baby, bonding and kangaroo care.

The Fabian +nCPAP evolution is designed to fully support these concepts in a low-stress environment. Keeping babies safe and protected whenever they are ventilated is the starting point of all our thoughts – and that includes easy maintenance with only few parts for disinfection and sterilization, reduced Work of Breathing (iWOB) and much more.

Designed for mobility: thanks to its compact and intelligent size, the Fabian +nCPAP evolution always allows easy access to the baby without even disturbing the bedside inside the NICU or PICU. The Fabian +nCPAP evolution is equipped with several communication interfaces and service modes. This flexible system is also compatible with all conventional breathing circuits currently available on the market.

1. A clear, bright touchscreen TFT with intuitive commands reduces human error and puts the focus back on the baby.

2. 3-IN-1 Device

  • Conventional ventilation
  • Non-invasive (NIV)
  • O2 therapy, Nasal high flow

4. Lung protective VOLUME GUARANTEE (VG)

5. PRICO Predicted intelligent closed loop O2 (weaning)

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