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The Fabian Therapy evolution is intended for premature infants, new-borns as well as children weighing up to 30 kg. The Fabian Therapy evolution is an electronically, microprocessor-controlled CPAP and Bilevel CPAP generator.

The Fabian Therapy evolution generates CPAP and Bilevel CPAP (duoPAP), with automatic dynamic control of flow inside the nasal pressure generator (i.e., Infant Flow LP ®) Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV) with single limb circuits: nCPAP and duoPAP with variable flow pressure generators (i.e., Infant Flow LP ®. nCPAP and DuoPAP modes, for nasal and mask ventilation, with automatic leak compensation, featuring two-level CPAP mode to improve CO2 removal.

1. A true, complete, and highly advanced non-invasive ventilator featuring all classic and new NIV modes.

  • NIV
  • nCPAP
  • DuoPAP
  • HFNC

2. PRICO Predicted intelligent closed loop O2 (weaning)

3. Stable pressures, with Variable flow and minimal (iWOB) work of breathing.

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