LTV 2200

Product Description

Acute care The LTV2 ventilators are ideal for acute care hospitals in a variety of situations, including:

  • Turbine-driven portable mechanical ventilator
  • Uninterrupted freedom with 4-hour hot swappable battery, 3.5-hour internal battery
  • Variety of transport power sources connection
  • O2 Cylinder Duration, calculate the approximate remaining usable time (in hours and minutes) of an external O2 cylinder
  • Operable to 16 000 feet above sea level
  • Admitting mechanically ventilated patients into the emergency room
  • Executing early mobility exercises as part of the weaning program
  • Transporting patients from surgery or diagnostics Intra-hospital transport Portable LTV2 ventilators are perfect for transporting patients. Its rugged design withstands bumps and accidental drops, 2 while the hot swappable battery extends ventilator power for 7.5 hours or more. Data output capabilities
  • Remote monitoring
  • Nurse call
  • Electronic medical record (EMR) systems 2 Updated alarms
  • Separate alarm silence and reset buttons
  • Alarm tones based on alarm priority
  • Meets ISO 60601-2 3rd edition standards 3 NPPV enhancements
  • Up to 70% flow cycle
  • Higher leak compensation
  • Settable breath rate for mandatory pressure control breaths 4 Sigh breath for more natural breathing
  • 1 sigh every 100 breaths or every 7 minutes, whichever comes first 5 Extended features
  • Adjustable bias flow
  • Lower inspiratory flow range 6 Improved power capabilities
  • Completely removable and durable power cord
  • 11–29 volts DC allows for connection to a variety of transport power sources including wheelchairs and automobiles

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