Vyaire Verso™

Closed Suction System

Product Description

The closed suction system is a multi-purpose device made up of modular components, helping to keep your patients safer than one piece closed suction catheter systems.

Providing safety,

  • The Verso adapter allows clinicians to perform closed suction catheter change-outs and various airway access procedures through a single port without disconnecting the circuit.
  • The pucker valve technology seals the patient’s airway from the access port to maintain safe, continuous ventilation while airway access procedures are performed.
  • The Verso adapters and closed suction catheters are made without DEHP. Delivering versatility.
  • The Verso multi-purpose, airway access adapter allows for numerous uses: closed suction, open suction, bronchoscopy procedures, Mini-BALs, and instilled drug delivery.
  • The swivel option on the Verso adapter provides more flexibility when repositioning the patient.
  • Surfactant delivery catheters can be connected without disconnecting the patient from the circuit.
  • The system features the Verso™ airway access adapter and its pucker valve technology that seals the patient’s airway from the access port to maintain safe, continuous ventilation while you perform airway access procedures.
  • NO de-recruitment
  • NO cross-contamination
  • Reducing costs: through utilization Verso adapters are approved for use up to seven days, and the catheters are approved for use up to 72 hours.
Adapters for Adult/Pediatric products
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Closed suction catheters for use with Verso airway access adapters for Adult/Pediatric products
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Adaptors for Neonatal/Infant products
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Closed suction catheters for use with Neo-Verso airway access adapters for neonatal/infant products
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