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The Vyntus™ APS for bronchial challenge testing, in one compact device. The Vyntus Family offers many further measurement capabilities to extend your diagnostic testing. And all this powered by the SentrySuite® software platform for intelligent respiratory diagnostics.

Vyntus APS is an Aerosol Provocation System. Up-to-date and sophisticated electronics and mechanics allow for optimal use of its nebulization technology with precise dosing. For the observation measurements Vyntus APS combines with the Vyntus PNEUMO and/or the Vyntus IOS in one system.

Stay in control with real-time visualization of dose administration and breathing patterns during nebulization. During nebulization, the software automatically calculates the actual dose that has been administered. As soon the pre-set dose has been achieved the compressor automatically switches off.

The built-in intelligence of the observation module ensures patient safety while achieving accurate provocation thresholds. After the initial baseline measurement to exclude a contra-indication, the software monitors the patient’s response to each provocation step. It either automatically progresses to the next provocation step or flags that the pre-set provocation level has been achieved.

  • Single and multiple concentration bronchial provocation testing
  • Pulse or continuous nebulization allow for a broad age range to be tested
  • Software guidance throughout the procedure
  • Time and volume-controlled process guarantees highest drug efficiency
  • Computer-controlled nebulization guarantees the amount of drug inhaled is reproducible

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