The Vyntus BODY is a whole-body plethysmograph and consists of a spacious cabin with magnetic door closing mechanism, an ultrasound flow sensor (USS) and a Flow Path Valve (shutter). The Vyntus BODY is available with height adjustable chair or with a bench for patients up to a body weight of 250 kg. Furthermore, the Vyntus BODY can be used with the CART 3.b, the CART 3.0N, with the height adjustable CART 3.1N or without a cart. The Vyntus BODY is only intended for stationary use. The Vyntus BODY is connected via USB interface to a desktop PC build on a cart and is used to measure:

  • Absolute static lung volumes using the whole body-plethysmography method
  • Airway resistance
  • Slow/forced spirometry and MVV

Optionally, the Vyntus BODY can be extended inside the cabin with Diffusion gas analyser for Single Breath Diffusion Real-Time with CO/CH4 incl. Intrabreath Diffusion, Vyntus APS aerosol provocation system for bronchial provocation, ROcc, P0.1, MIP / MEP, SNIP, Rhinomanometry and Compliance measurements. A combination with other Vyntus devices is available.

  • Equally spread magnets for a tight closure of the door
  • Spacious cabin with 1110 L
  • Low entry step of only 7 cm
  • Ultrasonic sensor for high accuracy
  • Flexible 3D arm

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