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The powerful Vyntus™ CPX is an accurate, reliable system that collects full breath-by-breath data and allows the determination of a subject’s metabolic response. It can be used on adults and children, whether patients or athletes. The Vyntus CPX is the result of over 50 years of experience in the development of CPET devices.

The Vyntus CPX offers all essential CPET applications:

  • True breath-by-breath Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing
  • Spirometry, pre/post, animation, and exercise flow-volume loops
  • Integrated pulse oximetry with finger, ear-clip, or forehead sensors
  • High/Low FIO2 optional
  • Indirect calorimetry assessment (REE, FAT…) standard, canopy mode optional
  • Combined legacy and new 9-Panel-Wasserman Graph and the possible limitation graph
  • Three separate ventilatory threshold determinations, six automatic slope calculations and Tau calculations
  • Online entry of RPE scale, blood gas marker, blood pressure or events
  • Offline entry of blood gases with automatic calculation of related parameters [P(A-a)O2, VD/VT calculated
  • Comprehensive Protocol Editor program for creating individual ramp, step, and weight dependent protocols
  • Report Designer program for customized reports
  • Layout Editor program for adjusting graphs and parameter sets
  • A highly accurate and proven O2/CO2 analyser
  • Robust high value materials with long time resistance against disinfection fluids and easy to clean
  • Proven Digital Volume Transducer (DVT) for exact determination of ventilation
  • Automatic volume and gas calibration
  • Easily swap out the oxygen analyser of your Vyntus CPX and you’re set for another two years, no technician required.

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