Fenom Pro

Product Description

Fenom Pro Asthma Monitor is a new FeNO testing device that brings clarity to allergic asthma management at the point of care. A finely tuned instrument for guiding preventative treatment decisions.

Take the guesswork out of allergic asthma management with the Fenom Pro® system, which quickly and accurately predicts ICS response based on the measurement of FeNO levels.

Integrating ongoing FeNO testing alongside standard asthma care practices can help harmonize personalized treatment guidance, dose titration, and patient adherence.

This FeNO-based inflammation control cycle helps manage treatment for patients with allergic asthma. Monitoring FeNO over time can help physicians anticipate exacerbations, validate seasonal factors and pre-emptively adjust treatment.

  • Accurate results you never have to question: ± 5 ppb or 10% maximum
  • Tests do not expire
  • Adult test time 10 sec, Child test time* 6 sec
  • Store patient history and print records with PC software (Windows only)
    In-office testing promotes better adherence

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