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The Vyntus™ ONE can perform Spirometry, Diffusion SB Realtime and Intrabreath as well as FRC N2 Washout measurements. Enhance your PFT lab with an optional bunch of measurements for the lung mechanics. The Vyntus ONE can even grow later together with your needs delivering high performance and utility in a single package. CPET exercise testing can be added at a later stage, along with ECG, treadmill, or bicycle.

The Vyntus ONE helps all patients to easily perform the manoeuvre. The Vyntus ONE technology drives high quality results, accuracy, and repeatability. The Vyntus ONE combined with MicroGardTM filters makes hygiene easy.Lung Volumes by Nitrogen Washout Key Success Factors for DLCO Measurement FRC N2 Washout:

  • Automatic leak detection.
  • Workflow-driven: No preparation time before starting the test and automatic switches to the next sequence during the measurement.
  • Differentiation of fast and slow lung compartments.
  • Measurement of Lung Clearance Index (LCI) to diagnose patients with small airway diseases.

FRC N2 Washout allows the determination of the functional residual capacity (FRC) using the N2 Washout method as well as the determination of the absolute volumes TLC and RV by combining it with slow spirometry measurements.

  • All in One module
  • Calibration-free ultrasonic sensor for high accuracy
  • Low running cost, minimal gas usage as well as annual service price
  • Flexible arm to fit adults and children
  • Device is fully upgradable after purchasing base model Vyntus ONE DL

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