Fisher & Paykel 950™ Respiratory Humidifier


The F&P 950™ Respiratory Humidifier provides heat and humidity to medical gases by passing the gas through a heated water chamber and heated breathing tubes for patients who require respiratory support.

The F&P 950™ Respiratory Humidifier is a premium performance system designed to be easy to set up and use, minimise condensate and provide advanced protection. The amount of heating is controlled based on the gas temperature measured at different parts of the humidifier.

  • Minimal Assembly connections: the number of connections have been minimised to enable easy assembly, reducing the potential for system alarms due to set up.
  • AirSpiral Technology ™ inspiratory limb minimises condensate by enable efficient performance across a wider ambient temperature range. Pockets of air act as insulating barriers between the ambient gas conditions and delivered gases.
  • Evaqua™ expiratory limb: allows humidity to freely diffuse through the wall of the expiratory limb. This may minimise condensate, helping to maintain a closed system and promote sustained PEEP.
  • Neonatal Thermadapt™ technology: enables independent heating of two zones within the inspiratory limb allowing the circuit to adapt to changing incubator, warmer or ambient temperature conditions.
  • Touch Screen: interactive touch screen offers individual modes for invasive, Mask and Optiflow™ nasal high flow therapies.
  • Integrated probes: temperature and flow probes have been integrated into the circuit and sensor cartridge to aid correct set up.
  • SensiDomes™: Temperature and flow sensing take place through the sealed probe covers called SensiDomes. these enable accurate measurement of the temperature and flow
  • Intuitive alarms: clear and concise alarms visually represent the cause of the issue and the corrective action required
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