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Optiflow™ THRIVE

Product Description

THRIVE – Transnasal Humidified Rapid Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange. The new way of pre-oxygenin anaesthesia. The technique uses warmed and humidified oxygen administered via high-flow nasal cannula to achieve apnoeic oxygenation & ventilation.

THRIVE™ provides a wide range of applications in the peri-anaesthesia environment.

  1. Pre-oxygenation in General Anaesthesia or as adequate oxygenation
  2. Including capnography capability in Procedural Sedation
  3. Provides respiratory support in Post Anaesthesia care unit.

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3. Gustafsson IM, Lodenius Å, Tunelli J, et al. Apnoeic oxygenation in adults under general anaesthesia using Transnasal Humidified Rapid-Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange (THRIVE) – a physiological study. British Journal of Anaesthesia. 2017 Apr 1;118(4):610-17.

4. Patel A, Nouraei SR. Transnasal Humidified Rapid‐Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange (THRIVE): a physiological method of increasing apnoea time in patients with difficult airways. Anaesthesia. 2015 Mar;70(3):323-9.

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