Critical Care Crib

Product Description

PICU patients look to you for a heightened level of attention and care. So, you need equipment that allows you to easily access and monitor each child, while providing comfort on their path to recovery.

Dependable, feature-rich, and safe, our Critical Care line was created to accommodate the complex and specialized needs of the PICU environment, giving you more time to focus on patient treatment. Designed with both staff and patient in mind, our crib models provide a range of options based on size and age of the patient.

  • Electric Head & Knee Elevation
  • Electric Trendelenburg Feature
  • Electric Hi-Lo System
  • Backup Battery
  • CPR Release
  • Foot End Staff Control
  • WeighSafe Scale
  • 13 cm Pressure Reduction Mattress
  • 2 Drop Sides & 2 Drop Ends
  • Portland Access- 2 Per Side Rail
  • IV Poles (4)
  • Shelf with Oxygen Tank Holders
  • 13 cm Heavy Duty Casters (1 Steer, 2 Brake, 1 Swivel)
  • Bumper System
  • Teething Rails
  • Anti-Microbial Confetti Epoxy Finish

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