Hill-Rom® 900 Accella™

Product Description

The Hill-Rom® 900 Accella™ bed offers a versatile solution to respond to these challenges. With easy-to-use functionality, the bed enhances patient outcomes by simplifying care, streamlining essential tasks and improving both patient and caregiver safety.

Hill-Rom 900 Accella builds off the successful Hill-Rom 900 platform, with its proven reliability, benefiting from years of performance in hospitals around the globe. Consistent across the entire platform are features designed for patient safety and comfort.

  • Caregivers can respond more rapidly with Auto CPR, which flattens the back rest and automatically places the bed into a horizontal position, should patient complications occur.
  • Optimise patient care with Head-of-Bed Angle Alarm, ensuring compliance of local protocols.
  • Simple Weigh improves workflow efficiency by excluding the weight of hanging accessories and IV poles, therefore reducing the steps needed to obtain patient weight.
  • Bright and easy-to-use Graphical Caregiver Interface (GCI) offers straightforward visuals of patient information, such as head-of-bed angle and other caregiver alarms.
  • Optional in-bed x-ray, via a selection of Hillrom therapeutic surfaces.
  • 3-mode Bed Exit Alarm, alerts caregivers of potential bed exit events

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