HyBase 8300/8500

Product Description

The HyBase 8300/8500 is ideally suitable for cardiovascular surgery with C-arm. The modular design tabletop enables it to be tailored for various surgical discipline needs.

  • Longitudinal slide up to 480 mm for free access to C-arm.
  • Extreme weight load capacity of 460 kg with highest safety and stability.
  • Modular design tabletop tailored for various surgical discipline needs.
  • Intelligent anti-collision system to avoid table components collision during moving.
  • Multi-layer decompression pad with waterproof and seamless design.
  • 575 mm lowest table position for neurosurgery without padding.
  • IR wireless and Ergonomic and humanization design remote control system
  • 2.4’’ color LCD for free movements in OR with 10 memory table positions with Wireless charging function.
  • Side rail without Screw design.
  • One-Click Connection Design.
  • Carbon fiber for table top.
  • Protection grade against harmful ingress of water IPX44.
  • Tendelenburg reverse Tendelenburg max.46 degree.
  • Lateral tilt max.36 degree.
  • 180 mm Carbon fiber extension plate for 360º access to C-arm, cardiovascular surgery.

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