Mindray™ HyLED 200/600 Lights (Wall, Ceiling & Mobile)

Product Description

Designed for day/minor surgery, HyLED 200/600 provides high quality illumination, with better tissue differentiation and natural color.

The advanced technology from LED surgical light to deliver excellent light performance: better light intensity, longer service life and lower power consumption. It is ideal for patient examination, ICU, outpatient, as well as OR-induction, treatment room and recovery areas.

HyLED 200

  • 70,000 lux illuminance with 1,500mm depth for best possible vision
  • Enhanced tissue differentiation with color rendering index(Ra & R9)at 96
  • LED life of up to 60,000 hours and lower power consumption
  • Up to 10 hours battery (optional) duration at maximum intensity
  • Five-year warranty for LED bulb

HyLED 600

  • 130,000 lux illuminance designed for day/minor surgery
  • Better tissue differentiation with color rendering index(Ra & R9)at 96
  • Power module supply can support up to 10 hours (normal state).
  • Ambient mode through separate control key
  • Five-year warranty for LED bulb

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