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With health care within reach in mind, Mindray™ released the new M6, the ideal balance of capability and size to realize a confident diagnosis at the bedside.

  • Professional clinical measurement packages cover complete clinical applications,
  • Robust alloy case with anti-shock and anti-splash design allows diagnostic exams even in harsh environments,
  • Dedicated POC packages: Nerve Package and Emergency & Critical Package with emergency medicine study report,
  • Free Xros M(Anatomic M mode): multi-region analysis of up to 3 sample lines simultaneously,
  • Free Xros CM (Curved Anatomic M mode): evaluating myocardial motion and synchronization applied to TDI, by randomly sampling at different segments of myocardium,
  • Tissue Doppler Imaging with Quantitative Analysis: providing speed parameter in TDI QA Stress Echo with customizable user protocols,
  • Smart OB: accurate auto measurements of most frequently examined parameters on a single click, including BPD/HC/FL/AC/OFD,
  • Z-score: professional analysis tool for evaluate fetal heart function,
  • Complete OB measurement package, including vairous fetal weight assessment formula and fetal growth curve

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