Nuewa i9

Product Description

Nuewa i9 provides a full-stack smart solution for extraordinarily efficient women’s and neonatal healthcare. It covers complete applications from pre-pregnancy to obstetric, post-partum and neonatal.

  • 23.8” bezel-less full-screen with large images
  • 15.6” full-HD touch screen with powerful gesture operation
  • Dual screen simultaneous display for both doctors and moms
  • iConsole–intelligent control panel
  • Full-space floating control panel
  • Clinical scenario-based ease of use
  • Smart endometrial receptivity analysis — Smart-V Trace™
  • Fallopian tube patency assessment — 4D Hycosy
  • Smart follicle study for IVF — Smart FLC™
  • Unprecedented realism and clarity — iLive™ with Hyaline
  • Smart and accurate fetal CNS study — Smart Planes CNS™
  • Efficient and precise intra-cranial volume evaluation — Smart ICV™
  • Extremely easy diagnosis of pelvic floor disorders– Smart Pelvic™
  • Reliable and smart DDH screening — Smart Hip™

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