We’re Digitalising your
Acute Care Environments
with iMDSofts’, MetaVision.

RCA is proud to announce a partnership made with iMDSoft, a global leader in adaptable clinical information management systems meticulously designed to address the distinctive demands of critical and acute care settings. MetaVision’s specialized software generates a comprehensive, fully customizable, Electronic Medical Record, aimed at enhancing care quality and improving financial performance across the entire hospital. It adeptly supports and optimizes vital workflows spanning the complete continuum of care, encompassing operating rooms, post-anaesthesia care units, intensive care units, step-down units, intermediate care units, neonatal and paediatric ICUs.

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About MetaVision Suite

How can MetaVision
add value to your
healthcare organisation?

The MetaVision™ Suite is more than just an Electronic Medical Record. With a robust feature set catering to clinical, administrative, and IT teams; MetaVision enhances the efficiency of patient care processes. It provides timely patient information capture and display down to the minute, advanced electronic medication management, and strong clinical decision support, encompassing care planning, treatment, and monitoring.

By providing an agnostic and modular system that connects to medical devices and interfaces with the hospitals current information systems, MetaVision produces a single information architecture for a seamless workflow and paperless medical record that displays, analyses, reports and stores patient-related data generated in the acute care environment to provide support for decisions regarding patient treatment.

Optimized for Accuracy and Accessbility

Metavision™’s clinical information system, generates minute-by-minute, comprehensive, and accurate electronic medical records. Readily accessible by the patient’s bedside or on the go, it delivers one flowsheet per patient that provides a holistic view. 

Infinite Workflow Options

MetaVision™ uses a single platform to automate workflows in a variety of environments, including intensive care, pre-op, anaesthesia, step-down units, and general in-patient beds. The platform seamlessly integrates with all major hospital information systems and the most widely used medical devices on the market today where it has been proven to reduce length of stay, decrease mortality, and enhance patient safety and outcomes.

Clinical Decision Support

MetaVision™ enables clinicians in complex critical care settings and anaesthesiologists in preoperative environments to make informed critical decisions and improve patient care, eliminating the reliance on anecdotal data.

Goals and Objectives

Key Benefits


Operational Efficiency


Enhanced Patient Care


Maximize Revenues


Unparalleled Flexibility
and Scalability

Operational Efficiency:
A Seamless Workflow
Access to Timely Information

Immediate access to accurate, continuously updated patient data ensures well-informed clinical decisions, reducing the risks associated with outdated information.

Central Data Source & Continuity

Centralize patient data from diverse sources and hospital departments into a tailored flowsheet for each patient, eliminating duplicate documentation and enhancing workflow efficiency.

Automated Processes

Clinical scores, calculations, fluid balance, and timely data are seamlessly integrated from medical devices and hospital systems, freeing up healthcare professionals from tedious documentation tasks.

Seamless Collaboration and Continuum of Care

Enable simultaneous multi-user access across units for uninterrupted patient care during transitions. Clinicians can access comprehensive patient records, streamlining informed decision-making without the hassle of navigating various systems and sources.

Protocols at Point of Care

Immediate access to essential protocols and information empowers physicians to make informed decisions at the

Enhanced Mobility

MobileVision, our mobile app for nurses, complements the MetaVision desktop application. Empowering nurses on the go, it enriches patient care and safety by offering essential workflows during rounds or from any location: task management, documentation, medication dispensing, and more are available even during transport, with offline support ensuring uninterrupted care.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Efficiency and Improved Patient Outcomes:

incorporating barcode scanning, automated scoring, image capture, speech to text, and other innovative features, we prioritize time saving measures, improved communications, and error reduction.

Enhanced Patient Care: Elevating Safety and Quality
Error Reduction

MetaVision’s digital documentation and data auditing and validation processes enhance accuracy, legibility, and protocol compliance, reducing errors and promoting safe care delivery.

Closed Loop Medication Management

Barcode scanning and validation support the Five Rights and ensure
the correct medications are administered, promoting patient safety.

Clinical Decision Support

Protocols, templates, and updated data provide clinicians with evidence-based guidance at the point of care, resulting in
better patient outcomes.

Smart Alerts and Scores

Multi-parametric alerts help predict adverse events and deterioration, facilitating timely intervention and patient safety.

Seamless Transition of Care

Efficient sharing of patient information across care settings minimizes disruptions during transitions, promoting patient safety and care continuity.

Maximize Revenues: Optimize Your Financial Upside
Comprehensive Records

MetaVision captures and generates comprehensive care records, enforcing protocol compliance and facilitating timely documentation for optimal reimbursements.

Improved Billing and Reimbursements

Barcode scanning and validation support the Five Rights and ensure
the correct medications are administered, promoting patient safety.

Accurate Billing Codes

Preconfigured catalogues enable quick capture of accurate billing codes, reducing errors and streamlining revenue cycle management.

Seamless Data Export

Integration with external billing systems ensures smooth data exchange, minimizing errors and maximizing revenue potential.

Data Analysis

With MetaVision Insights™ users can effortlessly extract and visualize data from their MetaVision database through
pre-designed reports. This feature empowers data-driven decision-making, leading to cost savings, clinical excellence,
and enhanced patient care. Features include data visualization, performance monitoring, clinical insights, compliance reporting, financial analysis, streamlined workflows, and benchmarking for comprehensive insights.

Maximize Revenues: Optimize Your Financial Upside
Standard Architecture

MetaVision is built on industry-standard Microsoft® technologies, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration.


MetaVision seamlessly connects with existing hospital systems and more than 400 medical devices, enhancing data exchange and streamlining clinical workflows.


Our system expands alongside your requirements, accommodating shifts in application demands and accommodating a substantial number of simultaneous users.

Product Offering

Highly Configurable,
Clinical Decision Support,
Continuum of Care,
Medication Management,
Scalability and Topologies.

Define access roles for the end-users, and extend your authorization capabilities to implement dynamic access control.

Information security and data privacy

Your Safety is our Priority

Only the patients assigned multidisciplinary care team can access their medical record via a single sign-on authentication tool with robust permission sets to protect the patients’ rights to confidentiality. MetaVision’s information security management system (ISMS) is certified under ISO 27001, which ensures that we meet the highest standards for data privacy and protection of information, including health information.

News Press Release

A Milestone with many junctures

The partnership with RCA, marks an important milestone for iMDsoft, as it is the company’s first foray into the African continent reflecting the growing readiness of the region to adopt dedicated, advanced IT solutions in the critical care and perioperative space.

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