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Natus neoBLUE® LED
Phototherapy System

The neoBLUE® LED phototherapy system incorporates optimal blue LED technology for the treatment of newborn jaundice. The neoBLUE is designed for efficacy, precision, convenience and flexibility.

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Phototherapy Unit

JW-PU1000 incorporates a combinational white & blue LED light source for the treatment of newborn jaundice. Blue LED light delivers intensive phototherapy and the white LED light delivers light for examination.

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neoBLUE® Blanket

Intensive Phototherapy in a soft & flexible design. Simple and safe to use outside the hospital environment. The neoBLUE® blanket system is positioned underneath the baby to deliver phototherapy via a blue LED light source and fibre-optic blanket. Proven to be the most effective degradation of bilirubin.

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neoBLUE® Compact

The neoBLUE® compact system provides intensive blue light in a versatile and efficient design for treating newborn jaundice. 2 intensity settings accommodate different needs, whilst tracking treatment hours. Meets AAP Guidelines for Intensive Phototherapy.

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