Air INCU i

Product Description

The Air Incu i has been developed to provide a “womb-like” environment for premature and preterm infants all over the world.

Based on years of experience, Atom have developed the Air Incu i using the latest technology in temperature control whilst maintaining reduced noise level, therefore minimising stresses on babies.

1. For Babies:

  • Air curtain of access port – The Air curtain, one of the standard features of the Air Incu i, prevents the temperature inside of the incubator from decreasing as much as possible, when opening a snap-open access port.
  • Minimal handling – A built-in weight monitor (optional extra) allows the neonate to be weighed inside the incubator. Body weight is measured in 1g increments.
  • Humidity control – Adjustable humidity control allows up to 95% relative humidity.

2. For Caregivers:

  • Hood disassembly – The hood that can be disassembled with no tools, which helps to increase the ease of cleaning.
  • Jointless hood structure – Jointless hood minimizes the chance that surfaces are left unwiped/unclean. Jointless design ensures a visibility of the inside of the incubator.

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