Sunflower Warmer

Product Description

The Sunflower Warmer is an open infant warmer with expandable design to meet the client’s needs. It can be configured as a Hi-Low/Tilt or Cabinet/Tilt, with as many or as few accessories and add-ons as required, application dependant.

The Sunflower Warmer offers sufficient optional mounting accessories for neonatal care and is ideal for use in the NICU.

Surgical operations can also be performed safely in the NICU.
It is ideal for Obstetric use offering best for urgent postnasal treatment, where prompt and safe resuscitation can be performed.

  • Ease of Use
  • Touch panel type display with operability and functionality
  • The X-ray cassette tray is accessible from 3 directions
  • Temperature Control (Canopy Function):
  1. Convenient preheating function to warm the mattress sufficiently in an emergency. – Postnatal care can be given on pre-heated warm mattress.
  2. Far infrared heater warms the mattress surface uniformly. The heater reflector improves the warming performance which leads to stable body temperature control.
  3. The canopy can be tilted independently. The examination light always illuminates the treatment space according to the inclination of canopy. temperature control.
  • Supportive Function for Babies and Caregivers:
  1. Pressure-dispersion mattress to provide stable and comfortable resting and sleeping surface.
  2. The rotary damper on the baby guard can be opened very quietly.
  • Detachable baby guard enables easy cleaning
  • Resuscitation Function – Supports safe artificial ventilation and resuscitation (Add-on unit):
  1. The built-in oxygen blender and manometer (Blender Unit 105) and the built-in resuscitation device (Resuscitation Unit 104) can be selected according to usage.
  2. CPR Timer for resuscitation – The CPR Timer informs the timing to assess the health condition of the newborn every 30 seconds.

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