Mindray BeneHeart™
D3/D6 Defibrillator

Product Description

Mindray’s portable BeneHeart D3 and D6 is both an automatic and manual defibrillator as well as a multi-parameter monitor and pacing device. In AED mode, the BeneHeart defibrillator automatically analyses the rhythm and indicates whether a shock is required.

Featuring biphasic technology with automatic impedance compensation, the BeneHeart D3 and D6 can escalate a shock up to 360J increasing the chance of a successful rescue of difficult to defibrillate patients.

Automatic daily self-tests and reliable long-lasting battery ensure the device is ready for use when called upon.

The connectivity capabilities of the BeneHeart defibrillators allow patient data to be securely transmitted to central stations and Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems, allowing hospitals to maintain a complete and comprehensive patient record.

  • Advanced patient monitor technology
  • Up to 7 ventilation mode including PCV-VG
  • Compact design which suitable for low-flow anesthesia
  • Heated breathing system
  • Modular design
  • Electronic gas flowmeter
  • CO2 canister bypass function
  • 12/10 inches TFT touch screen

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