Mindray BeneVision™
N12 | 15 | 17” Monitor

Product Description

Designed to improve clinical safety and efficiency through operational design, the N Series range represents the future of patient monitoring, offering greater visibility and consistency of care throughout the patient journey:

N12: 12.1inch WXGA touchscreen display with up to 8 traces
N15: 15inch full HD touchscreen display with up to 10 traces
N17: 18.5inch full HD touchscreen display with up to 12 traces

  • Intuitive user interface that is consistent across the N Series range, minimising the learning curve
  • Configure up to 24 quick keys to best suit your care area and workflow
  • Integrated EWS (Early Warning Score) and GCS (Glasgow Coma Scale) for rapid patient assessment
  • Clinical Assistive Applications (CAAs) such as HemoSight™ and SepsisSight™ reduce time away from the patient and assist in complex diagnoses
  • Powerful integrated iView module (N17 optional) gives instant access to network clinical tools, such as PACS
  • Up to 120 hours trend data review, 1000 events, 20 12-lead ECG sets and up to 48 hours full disclosure
  • Extensive range of parameter modules for true flexibility and scalability
  • Works in combination with the ‘plug and play’ BeneVision N1 monitor as a multi-parameter module
  • Integral rechargeable battery for up to 2 hours (N15/N17) or 4 hours (N12) support
  • Optional BeneLink™ module for ventilator, anaesthesia machine and IV pump data integration
  • Wirelessly connect to Mindray’s Central Monitoring System and your existing electronic patient records (EPR) with eGateway

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