ECG 12 Lead

Product Description

Resting ECG proven technology utilization of the proven Hannover ECG System® (HES stress) for automatic evaluation and analysis of signals. Repeatability checks Multi-trial resting ECG standard with Vyntus ECG. Multiple configurations Standard within the Vyntus CPX / ECG combo and available as stand-alone device or as option to each Vyaire device running SentrySuite software.

Stress ECG Improved patient comfort Bluetooth technology, small and light (220 g) ECG amplifier. Flexible ergometer interface Controls ergometers, treadmills as well as Tango blood pressure device. Easy handling All 12 channels with ST measurement, rhythm, and complex window to scroll through.

Wireless and cable-free Bluetooth communication improves patient comfort. Full disclosure for storing unfiltered, continuous ECG signals with ability to look back during real-time data collection on any lead. Linked gas exchange data and ECG is time-aligned so you can move anywhere in study review and all screens follow. All data is available as a review station and can also populate into your EMR.

The Vyntus ECG – Integrate ECG data into a single database. When you combine our Vyntus CPX with the Bluetooth Vyntus ECG you have the power, functionality, and ease-of-use of two comprehensive devices in ONE integrated diagnostic and monitoring solution.

  • Wireless Bluetooth technology
  • Mobile and compact
  • Rechargeable battery compatible
  • Long range connectivity capable
  • Can be integrated into any other Vyntus Device

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