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The modular JAEGER® Vyntus PNEUMO spirometer and the Vyntus IOS impulse oscillometry system go hand in hand with the Vyntus APS for bronchial challenge testing, in one compact device. The Vyntus Family offers many further measurement capabilities to extend your diagnostic testing. And all this powered by the SentrySuite® software platform for intelligent respiratory diagnostics.

The Vyntus Pneumo has a proven, accurate, reliable heated JAEGER pneumotach. The device can perform all Spirometry test including Forced Spirometry, Slow Spirometry and MVV, and includes all Spirometry parameters that exist. The device can be upgraded to incorporate IOS and APS.

Choose from 10 user-definable animation programs to assist the operator and coach patients of all ages. All test results in one adjustable table including predicted, LLN, author, Z-score, best values, values of all trials, pre-post comparison and more. Online breathing curves controlled by real-time patient guidance. Interpretation Templates Create your own templates with macros or select from a choice of several automatic interpretation algorithms

  • Reliable and robust
  • Accurate
  • Upgradable to add IOS (Impulse oscolometry) and APS (Bronchial Challenge test)
  • Heated Pneumotach handle for Hygiene
  • ATS/ERS 2019 guidelines included in software package

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