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The Vyntus™ Walk is the complete mobile solution is not only comfortable for the patient to wear, but also easy for technicians to use, and most importantly, it is key in standardizing your laboratory testing procedure. Vyntus™ WALK lets patients perform a six-minute walk test (6MWT) wearing wireless sensors that communicate data to a tablet PC.

The workflow-driven application seamlessly integrates with the SentrySuite® software platform for central data management and reporting. The intuitive Vyntus™ WALK tablet APP guides you through the standardized workflow. Accurate test data keeps you focus on our patient. Follow your patient, acquire, and track the results, then verify and report all via your wireless tablet PC.

The Vyntus Walk is compatible with three sensor technologies: Forehead sensor, Ear clip sensor and Soft clip sensor.

  • Broad clinical value generates a diagnostic and prognostic measure of functional capacity and physical fitness.
  • Mobile solution: works with a tablet PC and interfaces with the patient worn secure Bluetooth oximeter.
  • Further data: lets you manually enter blood pressure, oxygen supply, oxygen supply type and rate of perceived exertion.
  • Quality checks: helps check the credibility of your data.
  • Sensor-type flexibility: can be used with soft, flex, ear, and forehead SpO2 sensor types.

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